Mocapay Alerts Terms and Conditions

What are Mocapay Alerts?
Mocapay Alerts are SMS messages that contain information about .

How do I sign up for Mocapay Alerts?
A User becomes a Mocapay member by completing a Web-based registration process. Users will sign-up at to opt-in and become a member, and they will receive an activation code via SMS. The User will enter the activation code into the web site where the page has all the MMA standard terms and conditions, Msg & Data Rates may apply, etc and by entering the activation code at that point they would be opted into the service.

Is it free?
Although all Mocapay Alerts are complimentary, Msg&Data Rates May Apply. Depending on your text plan, you may be charged by your carrier.

What if I don't want to receive any more promotional/alert messages?
To Stop receiving any Mocapay Alerts, simply text "Stop" to the shortcode 466622. After doing so you will no longer receive any Mocapay Alerts.

What if I want back in?
You can start receiving Mocapay Alerts again by following any of the steps outlined above section: "How do I sign up for Mocapay Alerts".

What if I want more info?
To request more info simply text "Help" to the shortcode 466622.

Stop: At any time you can text "Stop" to the shortcode 466622. This will prevent you from receiving any future Mocapay Alerts.

Help: At any time you can text "Help" to the shortcode 466622. Texting "Help" will return the following message: For more info: or call 1.800.293.9709 Text Stop to Stop. Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

What are the Participating Carriers?
Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Nextel, Sprint, T-MobileĀ®, Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular,Cricket, NTelos, Cincinnati Bell, CellSouth, Virgin Mobile, CellCom

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