Comcast MVNO - Terms and Conditions

What is Comcast MVNO?
Comcast MVNO utilizes machine-to-machine (M2M) binary SMS to deliver an authentication token to an application pre-loaded onto devices as part of Comcast’s MVNO offering. The application uses that token to authenticate against Comcast’s back-end services. The binary SMS is only delivered to the mobile application when the device first activates or when a user re-installs the application after a deinstallation. Further, the binary M2M is only sent to Comcast MVNO subscribers, and the user is not charged for the delivery of this text. Because this is binary SMS for delivery to an MVNO pre-installed application, users will never see a short code SMS in their messaging app, and thus calls-to-action will not be used for this program.

Is it free?
Yes, the program is FTEU (free to end user).

What if I don't want to receive any further notification messages?
This program does not support notification messages, so users will not see any SMS communications in their messaging app.

What if I want more info?
Contact Comcast at

Toll Free Number: (888) 936-4968

This program does not support keyword commands; users will not be able to interact with short code 20868 outside of the Comcast mobile app.

Who are the participating carriers?
Verizon Wireless

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